A lover of hip-hop culture and beautiful objects

Teen of the 80s and young adult of the 90s, Yann has lived the emergence of hip-hop and the creative effervescence which came out of it...

This period has given rise to mythical designs in several areas. The proof is the current vintage wave. A return to the roots, deserved tribute to nice curves and authentic designs.

Time goes but emotions remain.

How to resist the desire to feel these strong and intact emotions again putting on an Air Max 1 or a Jordan 4 pair ? How not being excited looking at the time on a wonderfully preserved vintage watch, with perfect and pure lines ?

Accessories being a wonderful way to explore a passion, Yann created a watch straps website in 2013 in this spirit to daily discover again these loved objects customizing them rather than changing them. Esprit NATO is now a well-known site for watch lovers, and receives orders from all over the world.

As the sneakers world is currently very active, we could fight against the opportunity to relive this experience in this exciting area !

This is the creation in 2022 of lace4sneakers.com, to which we wish an eternal life, like our favourite models designs ...



On-line selling professionals, based in France

Ordering on lace4sneakers website, you will benefit from our 10 years experience of on-line selling.

Our team is rigorous, reactive and attentive.

We are five, with a perfect diversity : Yann, Jean-Luc, Odile, Laurence and Fanny (in the order of arrival).

Your satisfaction is our priority, thus please be relaxed and enjoy discovering our world. We will deal with the rest :-)



Our laces for sneakers : making the difference while respecting tradition

We suggest you rediscover your sneakers by changing your laces rather than buying new pairs.

Our laces are designed for Nike & Jordan sneakers, reminding classics and essentials of this universe.

The brand colors, iconic patterns and symbols are present in our collections.

It was not a matter of stealing sneakers' limelight, they stay at the centre stage. Thus they respect the traditional design of laces for sneakers, but bringing our touch, and sometimes details which each connoisseur will recognize.

And if it works for Nike & Jordan, then it will match with cousins, as long as your sneakers are exclusive and smell good asphalt ...



Our vision : listening to you to progress

​Our collections come from various and eclectic inspirations, staying focused on our world and the streetwear.

Next, we are full of ideas, it is frustrating to wait.

But we will do it better with you.

Then we look forward to hearing from you and to collecting your impressions, your suggestions and proposals !

Last but not least : please send us photos and share around you, this is what keeps us going too.