"NY" chain & pendant (New York Yankees - baseball), high-end stainless steel
  • "NY" chain & pendant (New York Yankees - baseball), high-end stainless steel
  • "NY" chain & pendant (New York Yankees - baseball), high-end stainless steel

"NY" chain & pendant necklace (New York Yankees - baseball), premium stainless steel

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The NY Yankees, a legendary baseball franchise, have had an undeniable influence on urban fashion. Their iconic "NY" logo has become a symbol of timeless style, representing not only the power and tradition of the team but also the vibrant energy of New York City. The Yankees have captivated sports fans and fashion enthusiasts alike with their rich history and legendary performances on the field. Their distinctive aesthetic has transcended the realm of sports to influence urban culture. From the iconic "NY" logo caps to clothing inspired by the team, the NY Yankees have made their mark on urban fashion, embodying the perfect blend of sports, city, and style. Their legacy continues to inspire designers and influence contemporary urban fashion trends...


High-quality stainless steel jewelry, also available in 18k gold-plated


A must-have !


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Pendant in shiny finish (not matte), measuring 1.7 cm in height

Interchangeable chain with a length of 60 cm


Our jewelry is crafted with premium quality materials.

With a nickel content that complies with the European REACH regulation, they are suitable for everyday wear.

Capturing the true beauty of metal in photos is challenging.

Once you have them in your hands, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the effect these jewelry pieces create.

We promise you delightful discoveries...

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